How it Works


We have a selection of competitions for you to choose from made up of Last Man Standing Competitions and Against The Spread Leagues. The rules are simple and are well explained in our rules section for anyone who doesnt know how they work.

  • Premier League Last Man Standing Competition
  • League of Ireland Last Man Standing Competition
  • NFL Against The Spread League

Simple Steps

how it works

  • Step 1

    Create your compeptition

    Select from one of our competitions and in a few simple clicks your competition will be ready to go.

  • Personalize

    We offer some personalization on our competitions, images, settings etc. So you can create it your way!

  • Step 2

    Add People

    You can share your competition on social media or give them the unique code, either way its simple for everyone.

  • Manage People

    The admin section allows you to monitor and track people in your competition. So you can track who has paid, remove people or even add more people.

  • Step 3

    Track Progress

    Monitor your competition through the admin page or on the competition home page.

  • Create a Champion

    Once the competition is over a champion will have been created!