• My Last Man Updates


Chris here, one of the owners of My Last Man. With the recent growth of My Last Man, I have decided to do a few updates a year as to the status of the site and where we are with any new competitions/features on the site. In order to do so, I'll start with a quick history of the site.


My Last Man has been around since 2016.The site was started in August 2016 by myself and a friend(Stephen) with the intention of making it easier for myself and friends to run an NFL competition. The idea was to take the legwork out of running the competition and the arguments that inevitably come when someone tries to send their picks in later than the agreed deadline. Having an automated website do this work for you made life much easier for all of us in that competition.

This was such a success for us that we decided to also include a few different competitions. There have been hiccups along the way but we managed with quick fixes here and there which worked with a small userbase.


This year, the site has expanded its userbase rapidly and we were a bit overwhelmed. A decision was made to rework the site to ensure we can scale up with the userbase. Due to this, you may experience some changes over the coming months which will hopefully enhance the site for all of our users.


Some of the changes we are hoping to make are:


  • Pagination.
    • If you have been in a competition with a large number of users, you are probably aware of this already. At the moment, there is one long list of players. This will change soon and hopefully make it much easier to check up on your competition.
  • Ability to select your team for several gameweeks at a time.
  • Ability for an admin to remove players from their competition.
  • Ability to mark a gameweek as a BYE for all players. This will be a function for the admin of the league to select.
  • Ability to customise your competition with additional rules like:
    • Number of lives: Allow users to make a number of incorrect selections before they are out
    • Lifeline option: Allow for users to draw or win to progress in a gameweek.
  • Allow possibility to add ghost users.
    • Ghost users will be users an admin can add and make selections for without them having to use the site.

If you are tired of the same old LMS competition, we have added a few new ones to our list. The list of available competitions is now up to 5 with new leagues imminent.

English Premier League

English Championship

League Of Ireland

La Liga

Serie A 

Ligue 1 - Open by 11/02

Bundseliga - Open by 11/02


Other Competitions

  • 5 Scorers
    • A competition where you select 5 goalscorers each week. Points for each goal and additional bonus points awarded over the course of the season.
    • The NFL ATS competition is what started this site in the first place and is a cornerstone competition that we do here on My Last Man. With the 2019 season now over, we are looking to make each competition more customisable going forward. This will include the ability to allow a head to head league to be generated from your users, set divisional points & set the number of teams picked this week. We plan to have these customisations detailed by April in anticipation for the new season so if you are an NFL fan, keep an eye on this.

Mobile App

Once we have rolled out My Last Man 2.0, we will be looking to release an app for Android. Unfortunately, there are no current plans for iPhone app. Look for future updates on this.


  • The biggest question that we currently get is can we accept money and pay out users directly. Technically, we have this in place at the moment but in order to take money from any person using the site, we want to make sure that we are covered on a legal basis & have the appropriate licenses. This is an lengthy and expensive process but I would hope to have a better update on this at the start of the 2019/20 season.



Users of the site have been a huge help in pointing out any issues and helping us resolve these quickly. The site is made with what you want in mind, so if you have any queries, or there is a feature that you would like please email us in and we can have a look.


For now, thats all I have, but we will be making a monthly update here to keep you all up to date on any new developments happening on the site.